Specifications For the Use of Packaging Machines

1. After installing the equipment, fix the mechanical equipment with expansion bolts, and connect the power plug and gas pipeline reliably. The full load test run must be accurate before it can be carried out.

2. Equipment maintenance and management personnel should add lubricating oil to the parts that must be lubricated, such as reducer and rolling bearings. Regularly maintain mechanical equipment for loose fasteners.

3. The working pressure of the pneumatic valve should be stable, and the gas of the pneumatic valve should be clean and dry. In addition, the customer’s pneumatic valve should have a welding fume filtration system to ensure that welding fume is contained in the compressed air, which promotes wetting of the cylinder and ensures the longevity of the pneumatic components.

4. The room should be used, machinery and equipment, household appliances and motors should not be splashed with water. Wastes such as smoke and particles cannot be added by human factors such as cylinders, buttons, sensors, etc., so as to avoid damage to mechanical equipment.

5. The working voltage applied by the machine and equipment is 220V and 380V, and the operator must be trained to operate. After the bagging machine is installed at the customer, it is particularly important for the actual operator to operate the machine and the service life of the equipment correctly, so the actual operator must use the bagging machine correctly in strict accordance with the bagging machine operation manual.


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