Comparison Of Automatic Batching And Manual Batching Packaging

What are the advantages of automatic batching?

The biggest advantage of automatic batching is to reduce labor and liberate people from heavy, boring and repetitive labor. Especially in today’s ageing population, labor costs are rising rapidly. The dusty environment and simple and boring work have made it difficult to recruit suitable employees. Equipment can continue to pay for simple maintenance and maintenance, no need to worry about recruiting.

Secondly, the efficiency is improved. The intelligent equipment can work continuously at high speed. The effective computing power of the microcomputer system far exceeds the level that can be achieved by physical labor at present. The improvement of front-end efficiency is more conducive to the full output of back-end production equipment and improves the overall enterprise. efficiency and effectiveness.

The third helps to improve product quality and management level. Automatic batching ensures the standardization of the weight of each material, and realizes automatic recording and summarization. There is no need to worry about errors, omissions and falsehoods of traditional batching. It also frees managers from complicated statistical addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and can obtain real data on enterprise material consumption, etc. , Paperless office is more cost saving. Workers do not have to touch valuable formulation information, and companies reduce the risk of leaks.

Manual batching:

The current manual batching defines two:
The first refers to traditional artificial ingredients.
The second refers to artificial ingredients equipped with error-proofing systems.
Traditional manual batching is a method in which workers weigh materials one by one according to the existing paper formula sheet and record the weighing data by themselves.
Manual batching equipped with an error-proofing system refers to a method in which workers weigh materials under the restrictions and rules of the batching error-proofing system, and the system records the weighing data and automatically stores and counts them.

Advantages of manual batching:

Traditional artificial batching has a great impact on the stability of batching work due to many uncertain factors such as people’s emotions, physical strength, and personality. Here we talk about the second manual batching mode equipped with an error-proofing system.
With so many benefits of automatic dosing, manual dosing may seem useless, but it is not. In terms of efficiency and computing power, machines are thousands of times better than humans. But in terms of flexibility, humans are thousands of times better than machines. Because people are subjective and have the most sophisticated processing system. Flexibility yields 2 of the biggest advantages.


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