F450 High Speed Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine - Template free

The high-speed shrink sleeve converting equipment is used to form PVC and PET heat shrinkable film materials into roll bag packaging materials, such as shrink sleeve labels for beverage bottle, shrink sleeve labels for aluminum can, shrink sleeve labels for wine, etc.

System Function

Automatic unwinding tension
Automatic memory curve winding tension
Automatic glue supply control
automatic meter counter
The roll diameter reaches the stop
Unwinding correction
Snaking dislocation winding
Automatic strobe light
Electric width adjustment
Folding center position side shift
Online width measurement(Option)

Automatic Friction-Free Lay Flat System of Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine

Technical Parameter

Applicable MaterialFor PVC\PETG\OPS Shrink Sleeve Label
Maximum Speed450 m/min
Maximum Product Width350 mm
Minimum Product Width30 mm
Maximum Unwind Width710mm
Maximum Unwind Diameter Φ 500 mm
Maximum Rewind Diameter Φ 900 mm
Diameter precision±0.4mm
Former Width Control – Adjust Minimum Range electric: 0.1mm
Former Width Control – Left and Right Side Shift Rangeelectric: ±120mm

Main Feature

1. The non-template mode has low scratch rate to materials, easy operation, and basically solves the problem of folding, shrinking, and cracking of traditional gassho machines.
2. The system has a high degree of maturity and is suitable for the production of process products. (We have done detailed optimization of each operating point: stable optimization of acceleration and deceleration state, optimization of convenience for workers to operate, alternatives to save labor in production, optimization of various intelligent automatic resets to reduce human operation, optimization of production loss, etc.)
3. Double pump and double gluing mode, which enhances gluing quality assurance.
4. Mature market applications, relatively high production indicators, reduce losses caused by manual errors.
5. Real integrated control development, single-point operation, good system coordination.
6. The intervention of the automatic width system can solve the problem that it is difficult to manually measure the real-time width during online production. With the motor width adjustment system, the size can be automatically adjusted to avoid a lot of losses due to negligence in production.
7. Full servo system, stable tension, less maintenance for long-term use of equipment.

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