S350 High Speed Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine - Moldless Type

This is our upgraded High Speed Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine. On the basis of the widened model, the unwinding width is increased again, up to 710mm, to meet your conversion needs for wider shrink sleeve labels.

System Function

Automatic unwinding tension
Automatic memory curve winding tension
Automatic glue supply control
automatic meter counter
The roll diameter reaches the stop
Unwinding correction
Snaking dislocation winding
Automatic strobe light
Electric width adjustment
Folding center position side shift
Online width measurement(Option)

Rewind Section of Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine

Technical Parameter

Applicable MaterialFor PVC\PETG\OPS Shrink Sleeve Label
Maximum Speed450 m/min
Maximum Product Width350 mm
Minimum Product Width30 mm
Maximum Unwind Width710mm
Maximum Unwind Diameter Φ 500 mm
Maximum Rewind Diameter Φ 900 mm
Diameter precision±0.4mm
Former Width Control – Adjust Minimum Rangeelectric: 0.1mm
Former Width Control – Left and Right Side Shift Rangeelectric: ±120mm

Main Feature

Based on the main features of the base model High Speed Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine, the following aspects have been upgraded to meet your higher production needs:
Four-screw independent electric adjustment
Cantilevered air shaft (arm guard)
Cantilevered air shaft
High pressure air pump fan
power supply
Left and right forming wheel drive
Left and right bezel drive

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