The Best Equipment For Shrink Sleeve Label Production

R300 Shrink Sleeve Inspection Machine2

As an industry leader in shrink sleeve label production equipment, JINDALI has always been committed to providing customers with the best production solutions, whether you are a professional manufacturer of shrink sleeve labels or want to provide customized shrink sleeves for your own products Sleeve label.
We have tested and developed a variety of machinery suitable for different production scenarios according to the needs of actual production.

1. Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine

Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine is used to make PVC, PET and other heat-shrinkable film materials into roll-shaped packaging materials through the machine, which is used in the production of various heat-shrinkable label packaging. It is widely used in the outer packaging of food, beverage, battery, chemical industry, cosmetics, and other major industries.
G250 High-speed Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine is the first real non-template Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine in China developed by Chaoan Jindali Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2015. It is different from the operation method of traditional Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine. Forming template, adjustable forming guide rollers, etc., realize the convenient adjustment of operation specifications, prevent folding and cracking, reduce scratches, humanized operation, the main control adopts high-performance PLC control system integrated control, equipped with man-machine dialogue system, And high-precision servo motor is used as the power output unit of the tension system and traction system to achieve high-precision control. The glue flow is automatically controlled and has auxiliary functions. The opposite side adopts the servo motor EPC rectification system. The winding has a serpentine winding system. The intelligent taper makes the winding easier and neater.

Unwind Section of G250 Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine

On the basis of G250, we have upgraded the speed, finished product width, etc., to provide more suitable machinery (S300, S350, F450, etc.) for customers with higher demands.

S300 High Speed Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine 3

2. Other production machinery

With the Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine, you can complete the roll wrap production, but in order to use shrink sleeve labels for your product, you also need to make sure that the roll wrap seal is qualified before we can Crop the labels into individual sheet labels.
To inspect the tightness of the roll packaging material, you need to go through the Shrink Sleeve Inspection Machine, which will help you quickly check the air tightness of the roll.

R300 Shrink Sleeve Inspection Machine3

The Label Cutting Machine is the last step in the entire production process. After cutting the shrink sleeve labels into individual pieces, you can transport the labels to your product production line, and heat the shrink sleeve labels to cover your products.

label roll to sheet cutting machine

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